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“I just finished listening to “Losing Faith” and it levelled me - I had to crawl to the computer to let you know how much it moved me, even after only one listen. - I’m hooked.” 
~ Eliza Gilkyson, singer/songwriter

"LOSING FAITH " ~ Audrey Auld  (2003)

All songs written by Audrey Auld except 'You Did' - Fred Eaglesmith and 'Harmony' - Kieran Kane/Claudia Scott.

Audrey Auld's second album "Losing Faith" journeys to the depths of a broken heart and returns with one hell of a tale to tell. This is
no jagged little pill, this is life administered  intravenously. If you're looking for an easy genre, look out. This is a heart tuned with a hillbilly string to it, but it's funky and western, diversity city.

"Losing Faith" features duets with three of the biggest names in alternative country - Fred Eaglesmith, Mary Gauthier and Kieran Kane, plus special guest vocals from Kasey Chambers, Camille Te Nahu and Crystal Bailey (The Baileys).


"She’s from Tasmania and lives in Northern California but Audrey Auld puts over that alt-country sound like a Texas native. On Losing Faith, her second album, “Not Who I Am” is one of those calling card songs like Kasey Chambers’ inviting “Cry Like A Baby.” This makes sense since Australian Kasey sings on this track and her dad, Bill Chambers, plays on Auld’s album. The soaring “Not Who I Am” also has a pop sheen to it. The wry “Next Big Nothing” has a country streak a mile wide and Auld’s duet with Fred Eaglesmith about a lackluster affair is a low-key keeper. Call her a Tasmanian angel." ~ Tony Peyser, USA, 2004

"If you’re looking for a companion disc to Barricades & Brickwalls, this one should hit the spot. The follow-up to Auld’s 2000 debut The Fallen sees her continue in the same vein of jagged country pop, her aching voice carrying a raft of stories about could-have-beens and should-havebeens. Bill Chambers continues to bear a strong influence on her music and duets with Kieran Kane, Fred Eaglesmith and Mary Gauthier also indicate her rootsy sensibility. Picks are the sorrowful ‘You Did’, raw ‘Trashin’ Da Blues’ and folky
singalong ‘Not Who I Am’ (which also features Kasey Chambers)."
~ Matt Connors, Aust.

"It may still not be December for a long time to come but I’m sure that Audrey Auld's CD“Losing Faith” will be in my 2003 top 10. It’s such a magnificent record this Australian singer has delivered. With the aid of good friends like Fred Eaglesmith, Mary Gauthier, Kieran Kane and father and daughter Bill and Kasey Chambers “Losing Faith” has turned into an absolute “dream record”. To all surprise Audrey succeeded in giving it her own signature in spite of all those guest appearances. She managed doing this by writing 11 songs from the 13 tracks herself and taking the production into her own hands. It would be a real effort to try to pigeon-hole Auld in a
particular format. She covers too wide a spectrum to be able to. Try to imagine work by Gauthier and Kasey Chambers and you’re coming close. Pinpointing her best song on the other hand
would be almost impossible. Be it ”B-Grade Affair”, a duet with Eaglesmith, “Ain’t No Joy” with Mary Gauthier, “Harmony” sung with Kieran Kane the beautiful finale on the album or one of the many other varied songs on the album, each song is an outstanding gem in its own right. “Losing Faith” made the same impression on me like “Drag Queens And Limousines” by Mary Gauthier did at the time. That explains why Audrey Auld will be in my personal top 10 this year forthcoming. Perhaps you should venture into “Losing Faith“ as well or rather… you’d better!"
~ Jos van den Boom, NDL


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Audrey Auld - Losing Faith

"She not only sounds like she grew up on Music Row in Nashville, but she writes the kinds of songs that built Music Row in the first place." ~ Gabe Meline, North Bay Bohemian, Ca.




























































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